Trick or Treating & Kid’s Costume Contest

Trick or Treating : Friday 5pm -9pm, Saturday & Sunday 11am -7pm

Children's Costume contest: Saturday October 24, at 3pm -3:30pm 

Kids in Halloween costumes are a good thing.
Kids in homemade Halloween costumes are even better.

The crafty Halloween costume contest returns for its 10th year in 2020, with a John’s Pass Seafood Festival twist. The John’s Pass Village Association is giving a $250 cash prize to the kid in the best Sea, Ocean, Seafood or Fishing themed costume. Other prizes will be given out as well.

There are two contest going on this year the first is a social media photo contest and the second is a live event on the main stage Saturday, October 24th.  The maximum participation for the live event is 50 and must be registered no later than 6pm October 23rd.

You can enter your child by emailing Please include “JP Kids” in the subject line. For the social media contest please include photo, short story about your costume and that you give us your permission to post on our social media platforms.